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The man behind the scene started his career in the year 1990, where he spent most of his childhood at a salon owned by his beloved father Shareef. The only things he was allowed to do were to sweep and keep observation.

Sasha was there to learn the art, the traditional way. He was soon introduced to the basin where his dad supervised and tough him the techniques to Shampooing.

In his free time at the salon, he sat in the waiting room deep in the books and magazines fascinated about all the latest hairstyle. The adrenaline got to him, watching his dad at work, what grew in him was passion for hair. Inspired and amazed by techniques of cutting, he found his willingness to commit.  “I would like to be a professional hairstylist and specialize to the art of hair cutting. I want to go abroad and study”, Sasha said.

After his deep training and experiences at the salon, Sasha took a course from with his dad happened to have founded, one of the first schools of hair in Mauritius. He was exposed to training of fundamentals on Perming, Cutting, hairstyles analysis, braiding…

1993, Sasha caught a plane to the United Kingdom, England, where was enrolled in a Master Class in Hairdressing at the famous Alan D. International School of Hairdressing. He also pursued his quest of knowledge at Toni & Guy where he specialized in advance hair cutting.

That 1994, Sasha crossed over to France to take possession of his C.A.P and a B.P. at Etchegoin School of hairdressing in Paris. After graduating, he worked at several fairs such as L'Oreal and Eugène, Perma. He also worked acquiring a lot of experience in salons such as Joelle Cambon salon (Jean Javres) and Jean Claude Biguine in Paris.

In 1995, Sasha decided to go back to his home country bringing his European experience to Mauritius. On the 24th of October 1995, Sasha Coiffure was born. 

In 1996, the man introduced the” Visagism Assistée”, a technology that allows customers to preview the new cut on Computer, before it was done. Unfortunately, this service was discontinued due to it being available on the net and in most salons then.  

In 1997, he founded Beautérama where he promoted the latest advanced technologies, Laser Care, preventing hair loss, Facelifts and Hairoscope. Those services where a step ahead in the beauty and hairdressing industry for Mauritius.

2001, was the year Sasha set upped Sharmed Ltd, a school of hairdressing for hairdressers, to teach them the updates, new concepts trends latest knowledge on the market. Sasha has been providing customized training to the Mauritian Cosmetology Society with International Trainer from all part of the world for updates towards the future.

In June 2001, he got married to Pascaline Rose, and now is father of Sasha and Shania.

2006, Sasha headed for Japan to the institute of Paimore Co Ltd to followed his new discovery, the hair rebonding the Smoothing Permanent and the Digital Perm [a permanent place with electronic pulses]. Those two treatments provide flexibility while the hair stays straight and shiny all time. The Digital Perm loops are beautifully defined.

He proceeded back to Mauritius and launched Paimore and Training for the system.

The year 2007, Sasha was selected to participate as jury for the John Paul Mitchell System Hair Stylist of the Year, in South Africa.

2008 was the government engaged Sasha to be the consultant and the Mauritian Institute of Training and Development [IVTB] to open and conduct the school of hair and beauty, KBTC and Carreau Esnouff.

2011, Sasha went to South Africa to Get the latest training on the Blonding system, from now on, blond has never been so healthy than before.

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